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The Benefits of Reading

Nothing to lose here! Reading can build confidence and set you on new adventures. Journeys you never thought possible.

I'm not writing anything new here. You already know this but do you apply it in your everyday life. Probably not, but if we change our approach to reading time, our relationship with books will change for the better for our kids.

In each of my books, I want to engage the reader's imagination, boost their creativity, and allow them to learn and see the world around them differently. By doing this, they inadvertently gain knowledge and use their time productively.

My books are a celebration of life, continuous learning, and the imagination of our young readers. Each reader should go on a journey, one at their pace.

Paul, the Busy Bee, and Paula, the Busy Bee, were inspired by things around me and written to teach those inspired by the same. ⁣⁣ Two books I've written to encourage kids to explore their surroundings and to teach kids about bees. The Great Pollinators!

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