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Shani and Friends is a series full of adventures with friends at school as well as her own adventures at home.

  • Learning about the great pollinators

  • Discovering her love of Cherry Pie

  • Making a new friend and learning to share

  • Baking with grandma

  • Doing her hair with her dad

Paula The Busy Bee 2021
Paula the Busy Bee

Paula The Busy Bee

Discover a world of wonder in your garden. Paula, The Busy Bee is a fun and educational read for summer. Join Shani as she learns about Bees and makes new friends. Paula, the Busy Bee was inspired by things around me and written to teach those inspired by the same.

After learning about bees at school, Shani couldn't wait to go home and investigate her garden. What she found in her garden was a world full of adventure and new friends. Shani's new friend is named Paula, and she's a honeybee.

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