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Books by Shani

A series of books written to inspire, communicate a positive message, and encourage a lifelong love of reading. ⁣ 

Books inspired by the girl in me. 

Inspired by things around me and written to teach those inspired by the same.


The Art Boy Book Cover
ILovePie cover
Paula The Busy Bee 2021
Paul the Busy Bee 2021
Grandma's Visit and Pistachio Cake
Shani and Her Hair 2021

Books in this series 

Shani and Friends is a series full of adventures with friends at school as well as her own adventures at home.

  • Learning about the great pollinators

  • Discovering her love of Cherry Pie

  • Making a new friend and learning to share

  • Baking with grandma

  • Doing her hair with her dad

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