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Firefly Book Cover

Have you ever been afraid of the dark? or discovered a new fear? We'll Shani has just discovered she's scared of the dark. She meets a new friend when she least expects it, Mr. Firefly, and together they solve more than Shani's fear of the dark.

Intentionally Positive Journal set
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The Heart of a Lion was written for kids dealing with health issues. The story is inspired by a little girl's experiences while dealing with and learning to manage Sickle Cell Anemia Disease. It was not an easy journey, but she was brave through it all, and today she manages her pain while accomplishing her goals.

The Heart of a Lion

Revamped my journals to include new prompts and techniques. As I continue to grow and evolve each year, it's essential to make updates to ensure my journaling practice remains effective and meaningful. Use the Intentionally Positive journal to practice intentionally being positive daily. Consider this journal the start of your journey and an essential step in the direction of a positive life.

Journal Volume 1