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The Heart of a Lion

A beautiful 79-page picture book you will enjoy from beginning to end. Any reader can relate to the journey and apply the message and lessons learned to their life. The book is inspirational for all readers.

The Heart of a Lion was written for kids dealing with health issues. The story is inspired by a little girl's experiences while dealing with and learning to manage Sickle Cell Anemia Disease. It was not an easy journey, but she was brave through it all, and today she manages her pain while accomplishing her goals.

You will be proud of the little lion in this story and the journey to do what appeared impossible. The journey shows Bravery, Courage, and Determination. Awareness and Inclusion start when we start sharing stories that help us understand the lives of others around us. So get ready to cheer on the little lion.

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"Have hope in the future, trust in your dreams, and love for what you do. So keep going, keep trusting in yourself, and keep love in your heart."


Shani T. Night

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