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Readers Favorite Five Star Review
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Barnes and Noble

★★★★★ Readers' Favorite Review
Deeply metaphorical and profusely eloquent, All At Once I See takes young readers on a wonderful journey.Shani T. Night encourages children to see hidden meanings behind well-known definitions, like a bear representing leadership and inner strength, and helps develop their figurative thinking. The author explains to young readers the importance of friendship and inspires them to be as open-hearted as Chandler is. Finally, the vibrant illustrations will help enhance the young reader's attentiveness to details. I highly recommend this engaging book to readers of any age.

Step into a world of magic and friendship with 'All At Once I See.' Join Chandler, an adventurous young boy, as he discovers a hidden world within the woods. Meeting a wise deer, a clever skunk, a strong bear, and a quick-thinking chipmunk, Chandler learns that the best adventures are shared. As they face challenges, solve mysteries, and cherish each moment, they show us the beauty of teamwork, the joy of embracing differences, and the enchantment of the natural world. This heartwarming tale, perfect for children aged 6 to 10, will inspire young minds to explore, cooperate, and create lasting memories with friends.

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